KonfDB, designed and developed by Punit Ganshani, is a complete open-source solution to configuration management for multi-tenant applications hosted on any platform.  You can now get rid of your XML and JSON configuration files and get onboarded to KonfDB where you can access and change your application configuration from almost anywhere with no effort.

KonfDB uses an efficient data model that can be modelled and used as per your application needs.  Be it an enterprise application or your hobby application, you can now use KonfDB data model and APIs to access tenant-specific configuration with no effort.  So development teams can now focus on the core development without having to worry about some of the aspects such as proprietory configuration file formats, horrors of maintaining multiple XML or JSON files, inability to change configuration without re-deployments and alike.

To understand better, visit Why KonfDB? and Understanding KonfDB Configuration Model

Tell me more

KonfDB is very simple to use.

KonfDB ships with a Windows Service (aka KonfDB Host – KonfDBH) that can be hosted on any Windows Server virtual machine (or physical hosts) or even on your desktop.  Once the service is installed, it takes less than 10 minutes to configure a data store where KonfDB can store your configuration securely.

Based on your application needs, KonfDB Host will expose TCP and/or HTTP services to create your application configuration and retrieve it.  Be it an application running on Windows, Linux, Unix or on any mobile platform, you can access the same configuration with HTTP services.

KonfDB also provides a native .NET API (aka KonfDB Client Framework – KonfDBCF) that can be used to manage configuration from any .NET client.  However, you can use the REST APIs to create your own wrapper in any language.

Any special needs to use it?

KonfDB Host is a very light-weight service with disk cost of around 15 MB and does not require a lot of processing power too.

For data-store, KonfDB currently uses MS-SQL 2008+ database – any edition Express, Enterprise.  Your database can reside on-premises or on Azure.

For a new database, the initial data-store size is around 5 MB; however, there is no limitation on using an existing application database.  KonfDB host will automatically create the required schema in existing databases.  Also one database can be configured for multiple applications as well.

Do I need to pay for using this?

No, you do not need to pay me for using this.  You can view the complete license information here.

Ok, what are the next steps?

Great!  Now that you have made up your mind (to at least evaluate it), you can go through our Getting Started page to get more details about the product.