KonfDB Host and TCP

When you set KonfDBH to use TCP mode for communication, your configuration would like something like { “runtime”: { “audit”: true, “logConfigPath”: “”, “securityMode”: “None”, “server”: [ { “port”: 8085, “type”: “TCP” } ], “superuser”: { “username”: “suser”, “password”: “spwd” } }, “cache”: { “enabled”: false, “mode”: “Absolute”, “duration”: 30 }, “providers”: { “databaseProviders”: { […]

KonfDB Host Console Application

KonfDB Host (aka KonfDBH) can be run as a Windows Service in Server mode, or as Console Application in Client mode. In Client mode, you can execute commands directly on the server using super-user. The super-user username and password should be known to the administrator and must be hidden from other application users.  Hence the […]

KonfDB Remote Client to Configure Applications

KonfDB Remote Console (aka. KonfDBRC) is a tiny-application that allows connecting to any KonfDB host (aka KonfDBH) using the protocols supported by the host.  You can execute any commands to add application configuration to KonfDB. Assuming the host is configured to use HTTP protocol (see HTTP host configuration), you can set up the KonfDBRC configuration […]

KonfDB Host and HTTP

When you set KonfDBH to use HTTP mode for communication, your configuration would like something like “server”: [ { “port”: 8080, “type”: “HTTP” } ] When you run KonfDBH in Server mode or Client mode on Windows (version 7 or later) or Windows Server (2008 or later), you may be prompted with a following error […]

Running KonfDB Host as Console Application

KonfDB Host can also be executed as Console Application.  This functionality is provided only for development purposes and not for production. Once you have configured KonfDB Host, you can type following command on the command prompt with administrative privileges. C:\KonfDB\KonfDBH>KonfDBH /console This will bring up a Console Window that looks something like this You can […]

KonfDB Host Configuration

KonfDB Host (KonfDBH) needs a valid data-store to run. You will require to configure the data store and communication channel as the first step. You will require editing file konfdb.json file in a JSON editor such as Notepad++ or Visual Studio. The important part of the configuration is shown below- { “runtime”: { “audit”: true, […]

KonfDB Host Installation as Windows Service

Preferred installation location The preferred location to install KonfDB host is C:\KonfDB\KonfDBH If you do not have space on C: drive or are restricted to create any folders on C: drive, you can create a folder on any other drive. Installing KonfDBH Service KonfDBH can be installed as Windows Service or can also be run […]