KonfDB API, Remote Client and Host support lot of commands. The comprehensive list of commands can be easily obtained by typing ‘help’ on the KonfDB Host or on Remote Client.

Here is the list of all commands

Command Description
clr Clears screen
DeleteApp Deletes Application.
DeleteEnv Deletes Environment.
DeleteMap Deletes Map.
DeleteParam Deletes Param.
DeleteRegion Deletes Region.
DeleteServer Deletes Server.
DeleteSuite Deletes Suite.
exit Exits application
Get Gets Config
GetApp Get Application details
GetApps Get Applications in a Suite
GetEnv Get Environment details
GetEnvs Get Environments in a Suite
GetMap Gets existing Maps
GetParam Get Parameter details
GetParamLike Lists all parameters with values
GetParams Lists all parameters with values
GetRegion Get Region details
GetRegions Get Regions in a Suite
GetServer Get Server details
GetServers Get Servers in a Suite
GetSuite Gets Suite details
GetSuites Gets list of existing Suites
GrantAccess Grants suite access to a user. Default Role: ReadOnly
NewApp Creates New Application if the Application does not exist
NewEnv Creates New Environment if the Environment does not exist
NewMap Creates New Map of Suite, Server, Region, Application, Environment
NewParam Creates New Parameter entry if the parameter with name and value does not exist
NewRegion Creates New Region if the Region does not exist.
NewServer Creates New Server if the Server does not exist.
NewSuite Creates New Suite if the Suite does not exist.
NewUser Adds a user with his password
RevokeAccess Revokes all suite access to a user
UserAuth Authenticates a user with his password
Who Tells logged in user information